One passenger single trip from your pickup point to your chosen destination.

Included in this package is a 40 minute additional drive around the area with the opportunity to call by a friends home or other location.


What does this mean? The price is based on your pickup point and destintation.  (See Map).

Your driver will ask where you want to go to experience the car. I could be a motorway speed trip, a trip around your streets or past your office or school. The package will be tailored with your driver when you are picked up. Please note there is a 35mile boundry limit so dont expect to whizz off to Leeds or Middlesborough.


What do I get?  Your driver will pick you up at a time calculated to get you to your event at the arrival time.  You will be contacted on the day to inform you of pick up time from your departure point, you will arrive at your destination as close to the time that you have indicated as is possible.


*All efforts will be made to get you to your event or desintation as close to the arrival time as is possibel however factors beyond our control must be accepted as part of our terms of service. We cannot be held responsible for late arrivals due to factors that are beyond our control or beyong those of your driver (I.E. Congestion due to incident, weather etc.)

Scenic Event Hire (Off Zone)